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Energy-Sphere - Bild vergrößern

It's effect can only be experienced!

The Energy-Sphere is ideal to harmonize the mobile phone radiation of 5G, ...

Does this work at all?
And if so, how can that work?

Everything in nature is vibration, harmonious or disharmonious.

A discordant vibration we perceive as chaos, disorder or perhaps as pain, a harmonic vibration we perceive as clarity, order, rest, relaxation.

The Energy-Sphere contains information that can harmonize the mobile phone radiation of 5G.

Here are some user experiences


A detailed description can be found at: 

Therefore, possible applications are:

Harmonization of mobile phone, WLAN, radiotelephone and mobile phone radiation, ...

This information results from the experiences and opinions of users, which we merely reproduce here. There are no healing statements / promises made or delivered.


  • 1 Energy-Sphere made of glass, about 6 centimeters in diameter with base made of glass
  • Product weight about 300 grams

Product description: 

  • The Energy-Sphere is made of glass with added information.
  • Diameter about 6 centimeters.
  • Base made of glass.
  • The Energy-Sphere is free of side effects.



Do not use on sensitive skin or mucous membranes, close to the eyes or directly on wounds or in case of allergy to adhesives.

The use of this product does not replace the visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner.

The application is at your own risk.

The effect of this product is neither medically nor scientifically proven and belonges to the field of alternative knowledge of the New Age and the New Consciousness.

Delivery time: max. 3 business days nach Zahlungseingang
Deliverytime: max. 3 workdays after receiving payment

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